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Hello world! My Name’s Hung

I was born in Hai Duong . My family consists of 4 people. My father is farmer and my mother is house – wife. Who is always take a good care of my family. I am a student Academy Of Cryptography Techniques .

I like learning english very much. I have leanrt it for years at high school and university . but my english skills is not enough. Therefore, I try my best to learn it now. And I hope i can speaking english well one day. When I graduate from university, I will be a technical of electronic because it is my major.

When I have a free time, I often listen to the music, watching the TV, reading newspapers and going the shopping. On the sunday, I usually go to the coffee shop to chat with my friend in the morning. And I always join the English speaking club to improve my speaking skill at the afternoon.

In short, I am really happy with my life. Of course I am going to make it happier and more meaningful.

P/S: Không hiểu tại sao tôi lại viết được một đoạn dài Tiếng Anh như thế này =))

Hello world! My Name’s Hung
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